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Galileo For Mobility supports the introduction of Galileo technology within the MaaS context by analysing the needs in terms of geolocation of the different stakeholders involved and demonstrating the benefits of Galileo through pilot demonstrators of shared mobility services. Shared Taxis in Thessaloniki introduce a new mobility service providing a comfortable and cost-effective solution and alleviating at the same time traffic congestion in the city centre.

This project has received funding from the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency under grant agreement No 776381.

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Thessaloniki - Shared Taxis

The main objective of the taxi-sharing pilot service is to contribute to traffic congestion reduction in the city center of Thessaloniki by reducing trips made from 2 areas located in the eastern part of the city, Kalamaria and Thermi, to it. A taxi transports users of these areas to the center of Thessaloniki and back to their home, aggregating as much as possible the routes based on the origin and destination of their trips. The aim is to concentrate the trips to a few vehicles, decongesting the city center and, at the same time, offering a transportation service free of the "inconveniences" of the car use (eg parking search).

The service is offered through a new application designed by the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT), in which users create their profile, stating the days, times and location of origin-destination of the desired trips. The trips are grouped by starting time and origin-destination points and each group of trips is assigned to a taxi. Taxi drivers receive route data through on-board devices and pick-up the users from a common location, then transferring them to their destinations at a reduced cost.



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Dr. Josep Maria Salanova Grau